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Why do I always get sick on Thursdays?


Seriously this is getting annoying. My muscles ache, I’m missing work, and I just plain feel terrible. On the brighter side of things today, I found out that KEF (Kentucky Equality Federation) has launched a petition on to include LGBTI in the amendment of the Civil Rights act. I plan on signing it as soon as stops glitching and lets me sign it. Here is the petition for anyone who is reading my blog and wants to sign it. Which, really. you should sign it. If not, then you’re an asshole. Just sayin’!

Well that’s all for now. I’m going to try to eat some breakfast. Hopefully I can hold it down.

Edit: is working fine now. Yay! now go sign that petition!


Day 4 on Keto


I feel like ass right now. And last night(this morning?) I’m pretty sure I was getting pretty dehydrated. I woke up @ 2:00 am feeling like I was going to vomit. My head hurt and I was dizzy. I was covered in sweat and freezing and at the same time, my skin felt like it was on fire. I guzzled down a bottle of water and ate a little kale and felt instantly better. From then I got up every 2-3 hours until 10:00 am to pee and drink more water. Definitely going to try to drink 12+ glasses of water a day instead of just 8-10. I found my Alive! Women’s Multivitamins today so I took one. I think I’ll keep doing that, mostly for the magnesium. Right now I’m feeling very sleepy, so I think I might take a small nap and then eat lunch. Thankfully, I’ve not been achy or anything through my carb flu so far. Just a general tired sluggish feeling. Maybe I’ll have more energy after nap/lunch time. I’ll clean my room after that.

On the brighter side of things, I’ve lost 5 pounds since Wednesday. Down to 175 lbs now!

Finally took pics of my hair!!!


It’s a lot shorter in the back. Like WAY shorter. Some of it is probably not even an inch long in the back. But I love it. Also I love that hat. Best hat ever.
In other news I am 3 pounds lighter than I was yesterday. Not sure if that’s keto working or a fluke. Either way I am back in the 170s at 177 finally. My goal for now is 140 and I will decide from there if I want to lose more weight. πŸ™‚

Keto diet


So I started the keto diet today. So far I am doing good with only 14g of carbs consumed! Yay!!! I have been craving some bread-y items but I’m doing good with keeping my willpower up. Tomorrow I go to find out if I have PCOS. Then hopefully we can have a nice discussion and figure out what to do about my situation. Since I have already started that diet, that should help anyways. I’ve read that I shouldn’t even try to work out the first couple of weeks. Apparently you get “the carb flu” because your body is switching from using carbs as energy to using fat as energy instead. A lot of people lose 20 lbs in a month. I am super excited!

I finally got my hair cut!


It’s so super short I love it. I bet I could totally have a faux hawk! I am so excited about that!!!!! I shall post pictures later on as it is almost midnight now and I just generally don’t feel like taking pictures. I’ve had a bath and my makeup is all washed off. That is most certainly not going to be a pretty picture. Tomorrow, though.

It just feels so nice to not have all of that hair. All of that dead, fried up feeling hair. Plus, freshly cut hair feels amazing anyhow. My mom actually likes it too. She’s generally not too happy about me cutting my hair short, but she actually likes this on me, so that says something about how good it must look. Well, that’s it for now.



So it snowed a lot where I live today! It’s so pretty~

But it is also dangerous. I may or may not make it to work tomorrow. It would be nice to sleep in a bit to be honest. So, just one week until I find out what’s wrong with me and what to do about it. I’m a little anxious. I want to know what’s going on so I can work on fixing my body…but then I guess I’m also kind of scared. What bothers me about this whole PCOS ordeal is that nobody really seems to care. And the fact that this all could have been resolved when I was way younger if my parents hadn’t played off me being constantly tired as me being lazy. Just like with my headaches. Oh. It’s just soda. It’s just this or that. never actually doing anything about it. I never saw a doctor until I was 19 and I went myself. Through all of that I found out that the neurologist I was going to sucks. Also, topamax does not work. But even then I didn’t really feel like I had a whole lot of…support. I’ve never really felt cared for. I’ve always felt so unimportant. Like my pains and problems don’t matter. And that sucks. Blaaaahhhh!



So Thursday, I went to the gynecologist and she gave me orders to get labwork done. She thinks that I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I got all of that done Saturday. Six vials of blood. SIX! I almost threw up. Then I had to work. What a fantastic day that was! Now it’s just a waiting game until I go back in about 2 weeks. I hope that we’re able to figure things out and find a way to help with weight loss and help with the fact that I’m so tired all the time. I hate that I’m always so tired. I could probably lose weight if I actually had the energy to exercise more. Could also explain why my hair falls out like crazy.

Welp, let’s hope for the best, anyways!

So I’ve got a delemma


I really want to cut my hair into a pixie cut, but my face is round and chubby and just ugh. I’m not sure if it would look dumb. But I have extensions, so if it does turn out looking dumb I can just put those back in.

I’m wanting something like this hairiwant (found it on tumblr) or possibly something like Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair. Oh dear Lord, I love her hair. She is like the Goddess of Pixie Cuts. Speaking of, Once Upon a Time comes back on tomorrow night!!! Anyhow, I’m tired of always just getting a bob haircut. And I think I could look kind of cute with a pixie (with a longer front/bang of course). I usually just wear my hair in a ponytail anyways so it’s not like I’ll really be missing it. Plus I’ll save money on all those hair ties that seem to disappear all the time. Thankfully I know a few hairstylists (my best friend included) and a very opinionated family so I’ll get a lot of honest input on this. Overall, though, it’s what I think and what I want in the end.