So I’ve got a delemma


I really want to cut my hair into a pixie cut, but my face is round and chubby and just ugh. I’m not sure if it would look dumb. But I have extensions, so if it does turn out looking dumb I can just put those back in.

I’m wanting something like this hairiwant (found it on tumblr) or possibly something like Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair. Oh dear Lord, I love her hair. She is like the Goddess of Pixie Cuts. Speaking of, Once Upon a Time comes back on tomorrow night!!! Anyhow, I’m tired of always just getting a bob haircut. And I think I could look kind of cute with a pixie (with a longer front/bang of course). I usually just wear my hair in a ponytail anyways so it’s not like I’ll really be missing it. Plus I’ll save money on all those hair ties that seem to disappear all the time. Thankfully I know a few hairstylists (my best friend included) and a very opinionated family so I’ll get a lot of honest input on this. Overall, though, it’s what I think and what I want in the end.

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