Monthly Archives: July 2013

From a size 15 to a 5


Hot diggity damn this feels awesome. I’m down 65 lbs (to 130 lbs now) and I can now wear a size five pants comfortably. I know weight and pant size don’t define you but damn it can make you feel pretty good. I’ve come a LONG way from what I was. I exercise daily. I eat right (for the most part) and I generally just feel so much better.
I had started running, but shin splints have had me off for a few days. Not to mention the whole remodeling the house thing.
Either way I’m hoping to meet my goal weight of 120 by the time dragon con rolls around. That leaves me with a little over a month to lose 10 lbs and if I try hard enough I think I can make it. I’ve just got to cut out cheat days. Which are generally every Saturday. I’ll still keep the carbs at 30 grams instead of 20 grams because I’d really rather not almost pass out again as that was scary and not to mention embarrassing. I was in the middle of old navy and I guess my blood sugar got too low and everything got really fuzzy and my legs felt like led and I was really, really dizzy. My face turned white as a sheet along with my lips and under my eyes were black and purple looking. Scared me enough I went straight to Golden Corral and wolfed down some rolls. But yeah the day after that I started adding more fruit to my diet. I am, at least going for complex carbs instead of refined, simple carbs. I think a lot of what happened has to do with genetics. My mothers blood sugar randomly bottoms out sometimes. I always get the shitty problems that she has. All her allergies and apparently her low blood sugar. Well, at least I also got her legs. We got some bangin’ legs.
I think I’ve rambled on enough.