Monthly Archives: April 2014

I now have pink and purple hair, ran a 5k, and other things.


So, Brian and I are still not living together because whoa there is seriously nowhere to live in Harlan. So we’ve been weighing the options of moving out of town, but still close so we can visit my family and his daughter. It’s a little disappointing that we can’t find a place, but then again, maybe it’s a good thing that we’re having to wait so we don’t have to settle for a dump. And I’m fine with that, we still get to spend time together, just not as much as either of us would like.

I ran my very first 5k on Saturday. It was a Color Run for the Relay For Life. My legs are still kind of sore as I’ve never ran that far for that amount of time. plus, it was uphill, downhill, and everything between. Yay for living in the mountains. :/

So much sweat

So much sweat

Afterward, I chopped all of my hair off again and dyed my bangs pink and lavender. Also, since March, I’ve not been eating red meat (I only eat fish and poultry) and some days I go without meat, period. It feel a lot better and I don’t run the risk of my blood sugar bottoming out like on Keto. I need to get more motivated to work out, though. I just have a lot more responsibility to adhere to than I did last year. Not surprisingly, it takes a lot of time and effort to care for 9 cats and a dog.