Fanboy Expo


Today was a good day. My sister, her husband, our friend Chas, and I made our way to Knoxville, TN to Fanboy Expo! And of course I had myself a little treat day to reward myself for working over 30 hours in 3 days. And also I’ve lost 57 lbs. down to 138 now!!! Besides that got to see Nicholas Brendon for the third time in my life and he made fun of our accents. I love him. Lol. I bought some nifty pins at the convention. Also got a nice picture with looks like he’s punching me. Will upload later. Afterwards we went to Target which just so happened to have a Starbucks in it. I finally got to try the mocha cookie crumble frappucino. It was delicious.
Then it was to the mall. Got me some shirts and a hat.
Even though I’ve had tons of sugar today I am really tired. Also my eyes are swelling up cause we stopped at Norris Lake and played around a bit. Pollen is a bitch.


I’ve lost over 50 lbs!


Yep. I have lost 52 pounds as of now. I weigh 143 now!!! It’s kind of insane. I never thought I could do this. I have 23 more pounds to lose and I’ve been working out almost every day. Stretches, 100 crunches, and 10 squats every morning. Stationary bike and yoga when I can. When it stops raining ill be outside on my home gym getting my arms into shape.
I cannot wait!

Updates and such


I’ve lost 41 lbs so far and I now fit into a size 10/11 which makes me feel pretty awesome. I’ve also lost some boobage. I’ve gone from busting out of a 38DD down to a 36D cup. This also feels amazing. I can buy cute bras now!!!

I’ve been playing Kinect Adventures a lot for exercise. I’ve downloaded a Zumba demo and I will start that as soon as I get my nerve up. I’m not going to lie–Zumba makes me a bit nervous. Perhaps after work, I’ll conquer my nervousness. I’ve been cleaning literally all day today. Thankfully that burns calories. It also get my room clean haha. Everything is almost done I still have a few things to organize–like my massive amounts of shoes. I have given a lot of my shoes away and have dwindle down to just 30+ pairs instead of having over 70 pairs of shoes. I’m proud of myself for the willpower to give up shoes. Wow, this blog post is all over the place, then again, so am I. A note on the weight loss, a lot of people have been noticing and asking me how I’ve been losing all the weight and it feels so nice that people actually notice the change. 

Funny story:

As I stated above I’ve been cleaning literally all day long. My dog apparently thought that I was leaving due to the extensive cleaning. While I was sorting through some clothes she climbed in my lap and whined for the longest time, she has followed me everywhere–even to the bathroom. She even laid on top of some of my things I was sorting through. I suppose that was an attempt to keep me here. Even now she is asleep beside of me. My dog is far too smart for her own good. I kind of feel bad that I’m going to be gone for a week in September for vacation. Poor thing will be beside herself. This is why I love her though. She’s smart and obviously very caring. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

So I’ve lost 36 lbs


I now weight 159 lbs! Last summer I weighed 195! I’m super excited about shedding the weight. Even more excited about getting down to my goal weight soon. (140 lbs). I may even go lower than that. It kind of depends. I’ll wait until I get there to make my decision to lose anymore. I’ve found a great workout too; Xbox Kinect Adventures. Holy crap. It’s like a full body workout, but really fun. Until the next day of course because right now everything hurts. Lol. It’s completely worth it, though.

Bigger dilemma


I haven’t updated in a while so here it goes.
I don’t have pcos, but apparently my thyroid levels are low. The doctor isn’t going to do anything but continue on with my birth control. On that note, my insurance has paid diddly squat for anything so I’ve got like $2000 in doctor bills because fucking lab work. And I have no way of getting any help because I have insurance already. I don’t think people are understanding the fact that my insurance isn’t paying out anything. Which I’m filing claims and so on hoping that maybe they’ll pay something. So before I drop them like a rock I’ll see if they pay anything.
On the bright side of things I’ve lost 20 lbs since starting keto. That’s 35 lbs lost in total since last summer. I am super proud of myself. Which this past week I’ve been stalling a bit but I’ve just been super tired this week and not been exercising. I need to get more sleep for sure. Chamomile tea, here I come!!!

Why do I always get sick on Thursdays?


Seriously this is getting annoying. My muscles ache, I’m missing work, and I just plain feel terrible. On the brighter side of things today, I found out that KEF (Kentucky Equality Federation) has launched a petition on to include LGBTI in the amendment of the Civil Rights act. I plan on signing it as soon as stops glitching and lets me sign it. Here is the petition for anyone who is reading my blog and wants to sign it. Which, really. you should sign it. If not, then you’re an asshole. Just sayin’!

Well that’s all for now. I’m going to try to eat some breakfast. Hopefully I can hold it down.

Edit: is working fine now. Yay! now go sign that petition!

Day 4 on Keto


I feel like ass right now. And last night(this morning?) I’m pretty sure I was getting pretty dehydrated. I woke up @ 2:00 am feeling like I was going to vomit. My head hurt and I was dizzy. I was covered in sweat and freezing and at the same time, my skin felt like it was on fire. I guzzled down a bottle of water and ate a little kale and felt instantly better. From then I got up every 2-3 hours until 10:00 am to pee and drink more water. Definitely going to try to drink 12+ glasses of water a day instead of just 8-10. I found my Alive! Women’s Multivitamins today so I took one. I think I’ll keep doing that, mostly for the magnesium. Right now I’m feeling very sleepy, so I think I might take a small nap and then eat lunch. Thankfully, I’ve not been achy or anything through my carb flu so far. Just a general tired sluggish feeling. Maybe I’ll have more energy after nap/lunch time. I’ll clean my room after that.

On the brighter side of things, I’ve lost 5 pounds since Wednesday. Down to 175 lbs now!