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I have posted in a long time


Since July, actually haaaaa. Well Let’s see. Since then I have adopted a cat (her name is Babs) who just so happened to be pregnant. She had her kittens (5 of them!) this past Sunday! Here are some pictures:



They are so little and soft and she is oddly okay with us holding them. Babs was even trying to get my dog to look at them , I think. Babs just kept loving on her then walking to the kittens and looking back at her. It was adorable. Babs was like, “look at what I made!!!” Such a proud little mama.

I have been dating literally the sweetest guy ever. Which is weird considering we’ve been friends for kind of a long time so it was a little shocking at first. And Jesus, did I fall fast. But it’s been wonderful and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the universe. Even the cool stuff that we don’t even know about which is most of the universe. He is just so sweet and wonderful and dfks;ahflkasdhg;as…ugh I love him.

Oh yeah, I also went to DragonCon over Labor Day weekend as always. And I started school the week before that. I’ve done fairly well. Passed English 101 and Foundations of Learning so I’m on to English 102 and Intro to Psychology. They’re sort of fast paced courses. I’m glad I’m getting a lot done. Sadly, however, I suck at math so I really need to work harder in that area. Perhaps even purchase the tutoring services that are provided to online students.